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Re: Metallica gets a clue...

6/15/2003 4:38 PM
stephen conner
Re: Metallica gets a clue...
I loved Metallica right up until the black album. After that I think they lost it. Also my acne cleared up and I had no more need of zit squeezing music. I'm not even going to listen to St. Anger.  
Steve C.
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6/15/2003 5:41 PM
Frank DeSalvo

I hear ya. The last cd I bought from them was "And Justice For All". That black album was a sham. They should've quit while they were hot. They need to drive the tour bus into a garage and close the door...  
6/15/2003 4:39 PM
Le Basseur
Come on,SLB,give the mid-'80's a chance....what about Whitesnake,for instance?  
I agree,they played a so-called "rock from the can" (a wall of overdubbed guitars,too much compression,etc),but the music was there.....
6/16/2003 6:39 PM
Hey LB,  
The 80's did have some good moments and yes Whitesnake was excellent with John Sykes on guitar. There were a few other good bands as well.  
Tesla was totally excellent as well as Queensryche too. And Cinderella had some cool rock tunes at that time. The best band was Scorpions though as they rocked the house down :)  
Ozzy had a few good albums too.  
The darn MTV thing though was pretty horrible with all that new wave crap :(  
headbangers ball was the only thing on MTV that was cool.  
6/15/2003 5:19 PM
Rock post-1980
Kyuss, Fu Manchu, Nebula...admittedly Black Sabbath babies, but rockers nonetheless. IMHO of course. Esp. Fu Manchu's "In Search Of..." Great album.  
6/15/2003 6:58 PM
Ian Anderson

QOTSA, The Datsuns, The Hives, even Papa Roach's last LP wasn't too bad.  
... Ian :)
6/15/2003 6:59 PM
Ian Anderson

...and 'Audioslave' aren't too bad either!!!  
... Ian :)

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