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Metallica gets a clue...

6/14/2003 8:43 PM
Steve A.
Metallica gets a clue...
    If your album sales have dropped, don't blame Napster...  
    I saw their new CD w/ bonus DVD on sale at Target for $9.99 and figured what the heck... it's too good of a deal to pass up. :D Hey, I don't even like the band!  
    After dabbling in other genres for the past decade Metallica has returned to their roots in metal and are giving the public what they want and at a price that they can afford. Included with the new CD is an access code to get into a restricted area of their site which is supposed to have even more material (I haven't checked that out yet).  
    Maybe now I can forgive them for being such assholes during the whole Napster controversy... or not!  
Steve Ahola
6/14/2003 9:02 PM
bob predaina
Steve, I'm glad to hear it!  
I didn't like the way that Metallica spearheaded the whole Napster thing. I understand the nature of intellectual property rights, but its really hard to feel sorry for rock star millionaires who are complaining about kids copying their records and cheating them out of buying that summer house in Bel Air. That kind of complaint would have been alot easier for me to tolerate if it came from somebody who was less successful.  
With the prices being where they had been, CDs were just too expensive. Maybe the price reduction that you noticed is a sign of good things to come!  
6/14/2003 9:07 PM
kluson guy
Man, IMHO they should pay people to listen to their new stuff. I heard a cut the other day(St. Anger).  
Lets just put it gently... bad song, timing issues, production values of a 1st time fostex 4 track user.  
If they were a new band they would still be washing dishes.  
I think their deal with the devil ran out!
6/14/2003 9:24 PM

I havent listened to it, but here's a quote:  
"griff, you know how much i love metallica?"  
"Yeah dude" [The man does really, really like metallica]  
"Well i bought their new album and it's !$^@#* &+?
6/14/2003 9:51 PM
Steve A.

    So your friend would rather listen to "Turn the Page"??? Or Metallica with the San Francisco Symphony? :D  
    The stuff they recorded in the 80's pretty much defined that particular sub-genre of metal and to their hardcore fans (all 3 of them that are left ;) ) there is nothing that could compare to those albums.  
    FWIW Billboard has it listed as the top album in the country this week and the song "St. Anger" is number two on the Mainstream Rock chart, right after Audioslave's "Like a Stone".  
    I've only listened to a few of the songs so far and I like it better than a lot of the modern rock (Limp Biskit, Linkin Park). For new bands that my nephew likes, the only ones I can put up with are White Stripes and System of a Down... :(  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. Geez, any rock band that sides with Michael Eisner (of Disney) on any issue should have to turn in their spandex! ;)
6/14/2003 11:54 PM
bob predaina
"modern rock (Limp Biskit, Lickin' Puke). "
modern rock -- is that the official name for that genre of music? i'd like to know -- it will help to keep me out of that section in the record stores...
6/15/2003 4:30 PM
I think modern rock should be recatagorized as MODERN NOISE :D  
There is no real rock music any more. It all stopped in 1980  

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