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Re: Why not balance?

5/29/2003 1:54 AM
Steve A.
Re: Why not balance?
Balanced input stages have been around forever in mic pres. I am sure it would be straightforward to adapt one of those circuits.  
    Any audio freaks experts out there with schematics for balanced tube preamps?  
Steve Ahola
5/30/2003 4:18 AM

There was a site I can't quite recall, but maybe someone knows what I am thinking of. It had a nice collection of mic pre schemos.  
KB woiuld know. He IS Mr Mic Pre.  
It had Bear in the name. I think. SOmething woodsy.  
Brown bear lake  
Bear lake  
Bear Mountain  
WIld Bear  
Wild Mountain  
5/30/2003 10:12 AM

Only thing I can think of is Steve Daniels' Small Bear.  
5/31/2003 4:19 AM

lions and tigers and bears... oh my.  
Gyraf audio has some nice DIY stuff.  
there's a site called Electric Crayons that may have some info.  
of course the Jensen Transformers site has some cool shems.

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