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5/20/2003 7:36 PM
SLObrain New Amp forum  
I wonder who started this forum??? I just ran accros it.  
Might be cool though.......  
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5/20/2003 11:17 PM
I ran across this forum in a search for schematics. I don't know who started it, but it hasn't been running very long. I've been away from working on amps for over ten years but a friend talked me into having a go on his son's 400+ Mesa. I was never a tech by trade, more of a bush league tinkerer out of necessity. There was no tech for miles from where I live. Lots of questions were being asked but no answers, so I did the best I could from what I remembered. Age has left me like a cross between Forrest Gump and Slingblade, so some of you folks here might go over and give some expertise. Thanks, Tim. (the 400+ repair was a success, yahoo)
5/21/2003 2:29 AM
welcome to Ampage, Im sure some of the fellas here would be glad to help out some of the newer techs and musicains there at the amp talk.  
I visited amp-talk today and liked what I seen so I'll stop by and visit and see if there is any possible info I can help with.  
Theres a tone of guys here who are more than qualified to give excellent advise if needed and Im sure they will probably visit there as well as these Ampagers are an AWESOME BUNCH!!!!  
BTW, congrats on the 400+ repair :)

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