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Bi-Polar power

5/19/2003 9:25 AM
Bi-Polar power
I am building JD Sleeps Stage Center reverb unit and it requires Bi-Polar power, is the a way to do this using a transformer?
5/19/2003 11:24 AM
A Colman

Look here under power supplies:  
5/21/2003 8:50 PM
Chris B Bang your head! Mental health will drive you mad!
From the title, I thought this was going to be a thread on Manic-depressives. :D  
Chris B
5/21/2003 9:05 PM

Why would you think that, Bi-Polar Power has nothing to do with the brain unless you call Electronics a form of Manic-Depressive.  
Gary T
5/22/2003 3:47 AM
Chris B
I know this guy who is manic-depressive, but he calls it Bi-polar disorder. Ok, once again my strange, twisted sense of humor rears it's head. :D  
Chris B
5/22/2003 4:02 PM
Mark Lavelle

You ain't all that twisted – I got it...  
...or does that make me twisted, too? ;)
5/22/2003 6:00 AM
Re: Bi-Polar power
Is that why FETs sound happier?
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