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Q: Bass Tube Screamer Mods

5/12/2003 2:26 PM
Kevin Macza
Q: Bass Tube Screamer Mods
Hi Everyone!  
I've just built the J.E. Greene "Screamer+" which is based on the Fulltone Full Drive pedal, which is of course based on the Ibanez Tube Screamer. Rather than spending over $300 Cdn to buy the Bass Drive, I thought I could build one myself for much less.  
Anyway, I want to modify the circuit to make it more suitable for bass. From what I understand, some of the capacitors should be changed to allow for lower frequency response.  
What I would like to do is alter the circuit so that I can get full-range response with no clipping at low gain, with progressively increasing clipping as the gain is turned up. I also want to make the circuit as transparent sounding as possible, so making the frequency response flatter would be nice, rather than the rolled off bass and treble of the present circuit, which sounds rather middy.  
Thanks for your help!  
(my own home page.... imagine that!)

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