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Cisco buying out Linksys...

5/6/2003 1:29 AM
Steve A.
Cisco buying out Linksys...
    Just got this in my email box:  
Dear Valued Linksys Customer,  
As you may have heard, Linksys has entered into an agreement to sell the Linksys business to a subsidiary of Cisco Systems, Inc. and Cisco will continue to offer the Linksys product line. Throughout the rest of this Notice, when we refer to "Cisco" we mean Cisco Systems, Inc. and all of its subsidiaries. We plan to complete the sale in the next few months...
    I've had good results using Linksys products in my home networks... with few exceptions you can always get the drivers you need from their website if you lose the floppy disks. (The exception being that darned "Network Everywhere" NC-100 card they were selling a few years agoŚ I found the 2nd disk but need the first one for Windows... I found a few drivers on-line but haven't been able to get them to work.)  
    If you watch for specials and rebates you can usually get the Linksys cards and routers for less than the no-name clones.  
    I was particularly impressed with the installation software that came with their router: it looked at your current LAN settings in Control Panel and then set up the other computers accordingly so it was literally plug and play.  
    Geez, it used to be such a hassle to get a network set up with Windows 3.11 and Win95... I could spend up to a week just screwing around with all of the various settings before I'd get it working right.  
    It seems like there is still room for improvement in NIC installation routines. I would think that the software could use generic drivers to "sniff out" the settings from the computer that you are trying to link to and then set the parameters accordingly. Or maybe the newer versions of Windows are already doing something like that because it is ridiculously easy to set up a network with Windows 2000.  
    More and more motherboards are including a LAN port so the market for stand-alone NIC's is probably going to shrink considerably. But there is a growing market for wireless network adaptors and routers so they should do okay.  
Steve Ahola

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