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Re: From San Francisco: Dogs, hell, what about PEOPLE?!?

5/13/2003 5:58 AM
Steve A.
Re: From San Francisco: Dogs, hell, what about PEOPLE?!?
    In the early 90's I did hvac service at the Rent-to-Own store in downtown Oakland and I would have to set my ladder up in an alley next to their loading dock. That alley was really gross since the homeless people or drunks would use it for their outhouse... :(  
Steve Ahola
5/11/2003 11:18 PM
anonymous Re:
Psst... just mix some antifreeze in some ground beef...or if you want au natural, some wild poison mushrooms with every time (substitute aspirin if the felines are giving you trouble)
5/12/2003 6:50 AM
KG Build a fence!
Fences make good neighbours.  
Anonymous you are one sick puppy. Get help.
5/12/2003 6:50 PM
anonymous Re:
he is one sick puppy. mixing antifreeze in ground beef won't kill a dog. it may cause some blindenss and some renal failure, though. you need a big dose of ethylene glycol to induce enough nephrotoxicity to kill a dog's kidneys.  
personally, if i caught somebody doing that stuff, i'd make him eat his own cooking. or maybe he'd just disappear and i'd feed him to my dog.
5/13/2003 5:54 PM
SLObrain Re: To all who posted
Many thanks on the many ideas over this problem.  
My final conclusion would be just to drop pepper into the grass to keep the dogs out. Seems sniffing pepper makes em sneeze alot and detours where they crap.  
To the 1st anonymous,  
Thats pretty inhuman to suggest hurting a dog as he doesn't know better where he craps, thats more the owners being careless and that is the one that needs a lesson on respect. But in learning a lesson it seems that hitting ones pocket book is the best way. I have found that asking some one nicely to stop their dog doing his deed on my lawn seems not to work so pepper seems the best course for now.  
Thanks again every one and I now declare its back to amps and geetars.......  
5/14/2003 5:07 AM
Steve A.

    Let us know how the pepper works! Maybe get one of those BIG containers at the local warehouse store (Costco, etc.)  
    My parents' house had a big acacia tree over their lawn and the seed pods kinda looked and smelled like pepper. Maybe there are other trees or bushes that would make your lawn repulsive to dogs.  
    My father would leave a patch of certain weeds around his garden because it would keep the deer away... the seed pods from those weeds looked like something out of Doom! Like a skull with 2 curly horns...  
Steve Ahola
5/14/2003 4:00 PM
Bob Predaina
"Let us know how the pepper works! Maybe get one of those BIG containers at the local warehouse store (Costco, etc.)"
Steve, I used to use pepper in my yard very effectively to help guide my neighbor's dog. They had an old Golden Retriever who was lame from hip disease (and grotesque obesity) and couldn't ambulate very well. My neighbors would just turn him loose and he pretty much stayed in their garage/driveway. He barked alot at passersby, which really upsetted some of the neighbors who didn't know that he couldn't run after them.  
My only problem with that dog was really with the owners -- instead of training him to crap in their own yard, they trained him to crap on the parcel of grass between our driveways. As a result, half of the time he was crapping in our yard, and nobody ever bothered to pick up after him. On many occasion I drove into my driveway and stepped out of my car into a pile of dog waste. Although I was very tempted to relocate all of the dog waste into my neighbor's yard, I tried the pepper solution.  
We picked up a bunch of cans of ground black pepper when they were on sale at Walgreens. We sprinkled the pepper in our half of the space between the driveways and it was very effective at "ruining" the scent of the dog's favorite places for him. It really worked. The only problem was that it required frequent re-applications, so I'd highly recommend the industrial-sized container from your local warehouse store.  

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