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Jimmy Page Studio Work

4/6/2003 6:12 PM
LFOscalator Jimmy Page Studio Work
As everyone knows, Jimmy Page did studio work before he played with the Yardbirds and later Led Zepplin.  
I found out the other day that he played lead guitar on Donovan's Hurdy Gurgy Man. His playing on that cut sounds real cool.  
What other hit songs did he play on before the Yards and Zep?  
4/6/2003 6:37 PM
I believe John Paul Jones worked on that song as well, as arranger or producer, something along those lines. Weird little tid-bit, that both of them would be involved in that tune.
4/6/2003 6:55 PM
Stephen Giles
The Crying Game and My Baby Left Me for starters by Dave Berry & The Cruisers - there were dozens of them(lots of 12s for those metric amongst us!)I saw him in Neil Christian' Crusaders at the Assembly Hall in Barnet, North London - Gibson Black Beauty and tiny amp, seemed deafening at the time.  
4/7/2003 1:30 AM
Sounds like his early days. How old was he then? How many people showed up to hear him that night? Was he a known sensation at the time or was still in the process of being discovered?  
4/6/2003 8:17 PM
Steve A.

    There are a few import collections of studio work he did, mostly with artists unknown in America. But he was on many of the songs from Them (with Van Morrison) and at one time claimed to have played the lead guitar on "You Really Got Me" by the Kinks, although Dave Davies insisted that he played on that himself.  
    So why would one of them lie about it? I have a hunch that the producer had both of them record the lead guitar parts at different times and both of them honestly thought that it was them playing on the single... ;) ("Gee whiz, RayŚ I'm getting pretty good on guitar!")  
    At that time the record labels often tried to pretend that it was the band playing all of the instruments and would not list the studio musicians used.  
Page had played on hundreds of studio tracks by such luminaries as Them, the Pretty Things, the Who, the Kinks as well as many groups that have faded into the mists of time. Amazingly, it is estimated that Jimmy Page appeared on 60% of everything recorded in England between 1963 and 1966.  
... from "The Thieving Magpies" article:  
    Here's another link with lots of his studio recordings listed:  
Steve Ahola
4/6/2003 9:36 PM
Mark Lavelle
Sneaky producers
"I have a hunch that the producer had both of them record the lead guitar parts at different times and both of them honestly thought that it was them playing on the single..."
Producers can be tricky that way. I once recorded a vocal that I wasn't happy with on playback, so I asked for a re-take. I sang the whole thing again and pronounced myself satisfied when I heard it.  
To my eternal embarassment, what I'd heard on the second playback was really the previous take – in fact, the sneaky bastard hadn't even recorded my re-try (remember when we only had 8 tracks to play with?)!
4/7/2003 12:37 AM
Re: Jimmy Page Studio Work
Great article Steve. I'll have to print it out. Stuff I always suspected...
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