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Re: Who's fool are you?

3/27/2003 6:01 PM
Doug H
Re: Who's fool are you?
"In that respect, I think you're right Matt -- Moore's statement didn't take that much courage -- all of the people who were seated within tomato-throwing range shared his opinions. If he really had courage, he'd try to make that speech at a VFW or American Legion hall."
His speech is what we call "preaching to the choir".  
It wasn't a courageous act of speaking out with an unpopular opinion. It was more a case of rallying what he assumed was a hall filled with like-minded individuals to his cause, kind of like what Hitler did back in the 30's. Of course, he completely neglected the tv viewing public, who could not participate in the feedback mechanism.  
As I mentioned before, he is a complete doofus. Shut up and go make a movie, Mike...  

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