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Better mixer or good preamps? Hmmm

4/17/2003 10:38 PM
Better mixer or good preamps? Hmmm the Delta 1010 working well with Monster computer, and synced to Tascam 80-8, and also to Wimpy computer for MIDI. Everything rock solid, everything records and syncs. Problem? Got the original TEAC5B mixer (8/4/2), and a small Behringer that I got a long time ago. Neither has enough channels to run all of this through by themself. Should I invest in a better mixer with more in/outs, or spend that money on higher quality mic's and dual preamps, etc. Since I can essentially run a lot of the stuff direct anyway to tape or D/A, then mix it down/in D/A, should I just use what i have for monitoring? I don't foresee really NEEDING to use all channels of everything to record at once, since mostly we jam to MIDI, and maybe add a couple instruments, and delete some MIDI (bass, etc) at a time, and usually just one (until we get it good. We have no idea what we want to do, it's all we experiment). The Delta will mix them all down internally to ch 1/2 for monitoring, so with all the MIDI, 1/2 Delta, and L/R Tascam, we can monitor it all through the Behringer. Run the tape to D/A all at once, mix and tweak within the software, and call it good?  
Better inputs for the few we do? Or better mixer? Or just a good dual channel preamp AND a small Mackie or something with enough inputs to monitor the above scenario? Any suggestions or thoughts is appreciated. (I already have a couple decent condensers, a Beyer ribbon, 57's and 58's, etc).  

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