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Need Manual - Heathkit 1121 Curve Tracer

3/7/2003 12:26 AM
Rick Erickson
Need Manual - Heathkit 1121 Curve Tracer
I recently acquired a Heathkit IT-1121 Semiconductor Curve Tracer. Don't have an operators manual for it. Anybody out here have one they could copy for me? All I need is the calibration & operation info.. Any help would be appreciated.  
3/7/2003 3:17 AM
Richie {~}==:::
There is some info here..  
looks like it has some good info.  
Oh.. I put an SVT question for ya over in guitar section..  
3/7/2003 3:57 AM
Richie {~}==:::
Found a few more..some are to buy it..but if you can't find the info you need.  
And found this..  
Heath Co.  
Parts Dept.  
616 925 5899  
Heres a link to other info you might need sometime..tons of it..  

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