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tube mic pre online

12/20/2002 2:13 PM
tube mic pre online
Put this online  
This is the pulteq mb1 mic preamp  
need help about some parts  
Hope you enjoy!!!  
sorry for horrible page.  
coded 3am, very sleepy
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12/20/2002 3:35 PM
Dai Hirokawa

Thanks Rafael! Looks interesting!  
12/20/2002 3:50 PM
Jakob erland
Hi Rafael,  
Well done!!  
This is pretty much a design right after the book..  
For the parts:  
The 40uF and 20uF PSU electrolytic capacitors should be 450V types.  
The 2uF polyester output capacitor should be 160V  
For the other small caps, use 250V types.  
All the resistors could be standard W types, with the execption of those marked as 1, 2, 5, or 10 W.  
Good luck with the project..  
Jakob Erland  
Gyraf Audio
12/20/2002 4:02 PM

Thanks Jacob  
will start to buy the parts
12/20/2002 5:09 PM
kent s.
Well done. Another wonderful addition to the arsenal.
12/20/2002 11:38 PM
Peter Cornell

Hi Rafael  
Nice looking project. I think that the tube power supply will be part of the sound of the pre. I rebuilt a Mullard 10W amp with a tube PSU & a soilid state PSU & the bottles won hands down. I hate to use hi-fi magazine type terms, but it sounds more musical & right with the tube PSU. Still use it like that today.  
12/21/2002 10:21 AM
Jakob erland
You're absolutely right, that PSU topology has a lot of influence on power amplifiers.  
There's no HiFi mystique in this :-)  
But in pre- and line stages, the current consumption variations with signal are of another order. I have never found any benefit from tubed power supplys in preamps - but a LOT of difference in power amps.  
So in my opinion, the MP1 would'nt suffer if built with the much simpler solid-state powersupply..  
Best regards,  
Jakob E

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