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Anyone ever work on a Hammond M11?

12/12/2002 1:48 AM
Stan Bailey
Anyone ever work on a Hammond M11?
I have a friend with a Hammond M111 organ that needs fixin'. It hums, but that's it. I don't have a schematic, but when I pull the tubes out enough to check the plate V, it pops. I'm assuming the amp is okay. There are so many wires going from the keyboard to the amp it looks overwhelming. The wires are all soldered, so repair is a pain. There is a switch labled "start" next to the on switch. This makes a funny sound. It's coming from a cylindrical tank. Could this be the problem?  
Hopefully somebody can help me here. I would be grateful for any info regarding this beast.  
12/12/2002 3:25 AM
Mark Lavelle

No personal experience, but that "start" switch is supposed to get the tone wheels (the 'cylindrical tank', presumably) rotating. I'd look into whether the motor is toast, or something along those lines (i.e., the motor power)...
12/12/2002 8:08 AM

I agree with Mark, the tonewheels like to seize up.  
A local music store that has a back room of organs lets me strip the ones that are seized 'cause its not worth the effort fixing them.  
12/13/2002 11:40 PM

Where RU? It's usually pretty easy to free up those tonewheel mechanicals. Recently brought a M3 back to life....these things are going to become extinct someday! They deserve to be repaired....  
12/14/2002 5:29 AM
Stan Bailey

Can you elaborate on the free up statement? Are they easy to get into?  
Thank you, and everyone one else for the reply.  
12/14/2002 5:31 AM
Stan Bailey
Hammond M11 schematic?
Any place I can get this?  
12/14/2002 9:55 AM

Look on google, there is a site with hammond schematics, you will have to take down the model of the organs amp chassis, AO35 etc.  
The last one I gutted was a L100, it was a shame really because it didn't even have a scratch on it- the amp even worked it was just the tonewheel. They were going to strip what they wanted then toss it- I don't have room for the whole thing and no way of transporting it if I did, so I gutted what I wanted out of it.  
I didn't know it was easy to unseize the organs tonewheel- the store seemed to think it wasn't worth it, they have a back room full of old organs that don't sell.  

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