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Re: What I came up with...

10/19/2003 6:25 AM
Re: What I came up with...
I bought a set of string savers for my Les Paul hoping to cure some irritating problems. I ended up going back to the dealer to have him install them because my bridge gave me some fits. I had a Nashville bridge on it with the individual wire retainers on it and couldn't figure out how to remove the old saddles and install the new ones without destroying the retainers.  
I took the guitar in and showed the dealer what was going on and he talked me into a new bridge altogether for the same price and since the guitar was in serious need for a fret dressing, I let him do the set up. I am very impressed with the work.  
Anyway, the point is this: He told me that String Savers are primarily for those guys who are always breaking strings. I NEVER break strings. He also said that the String Savers wear out alot faster than the metal saddles and you are replacing them more often.  
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