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7/17/2003 3:32 AM
Hi guys,  
I have just aquired a G&L ASAT that has some mods. I haven't owned a Tele for over 10 years so I am a little in the dark.  
Somebody put some LSR tuners on it and I think they look like f@#$in curb feelers of off Huggy Bear's Chevy.  
Anybody ever use these?  
I went to a LSR site that had a picture of a set of tuners and a roller nut on a Suhr Classic, something just didn't look right.  
I need advice on a good replacement set of tuners. (Gotoh, Sperzel, Fender, G&L,?)  
Also this guitar has cheesy "Japan" stamped pots, is this correct? (please say no)  
Last but not least, somebody istalled a larger than the Magnetic Field Design Single Coil in it with a butter knife, a pair of toe nail clippers and some double stick tape.  
Any thoughts on a replacement that will ensure that the "Tele" spank will be there. Or, are would  
a G&L original MFD be sufficient ?  
7/17/2003 3:37 AM

I didn't even think about adding the LSR site
7/17/2003 2:42 PM
Ed G.
Damn, you're right, they are ugly.
7/17/2003 11:40 PM

"Accommodates String Gauges from .000 to .060 "  
Anybody tried the .000 gauge strings?
7/18/2003 12:13 AM
ChrisM Re: .000 Gauge
I hear Eric Johnson uses them for great tone on his seventh string.
7/19/2003 11:43 AM

.000 strings must last very long,i guess rust must have a hard finding them...  
7/19/2003 11:44 AM

i mean hard time finding them

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