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planet waves locking keys

6/19/2003 9:01 AM
planet waves locking keys
has anyone ever used the new planet waves locking keys,the ones designed by ned steinberger?  
i have a set on one of my guitars but it keeps busting my first string when i try to put it on!  
any ideas on how to work this problem out or is there a correct way to do it and i'm missing it?  
thnx for ur help guys
6/19/2003 10:08 AM

Never used them. Have you contacted the company about this ? Might be a good idea. Could be a defective tuner. If you contact them, let us know how it went, so we know whether or not to deal with that company in the future. That's where the internet pays off; you can share info about companies who come up short, etc.  
I didn't know they were designed by Ned, and now that I do, I'm quite interested in them. Anyone ever use those straight tuners designed by Ned several years ago ? The ones you could put on a strat and they were gearless ! Never used those either but have always wanted to try them. I don't think they even make them anymore.
6/19/2003 2:21 PM
Nathan Noel

Are those the LSR tuners that Ed Roman has been pushing? They look cool as the back of my pillow. but ooooh, pricey...
6/21/2003 1:38 PM
Steve A.

i have a set on one of my guitars but it keeps busting my first string when i try to put it on!  
    So the first string keeps breaking at the tuner? I've had some locking tuners do that and I got out my set of needle files to smooth out the hole the string goes in. But if it is still under warranty you might want to have them send you another one (if you remove too much of the metal coating it could eventually develop rust there).  
--Good luck!  
Steve Ahola
6/23/2003 9:00 AM

Thanks for your ideas,guys!  
Steve,i'll try your suggestion,but can't return the keys,they were a gift and i think they've been out of warranty for a little while now.  
They do keep busting at the tuner,but what puzzles me is that they worked right at a friend's guitar,and both he and i do a lot of luthier work,so we kind of knew how to put the keys in and then take them out of the first guitar they where in. But in the second guitar they just don't work right!!!
6/24/2003 2:42 AM
it supose that cut the string while you tune the string.  
maybe you put the string on the wrong side.
6/24/2003 9:29 AM

nope,rafael,it's going in the way it's supposed to.  
my question is mainly related to the way you put your strings in fender/schaller locking keys,there's an specific way to do it,though you can try other ways and it there an specific way to these planet waves locking keys that i don't know of,besides putting them through the hole the right way??  
thanks for ur help guys!

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