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Re: An interesting Project!

6/3/2003 4:00 PM
Dave James
Re: An interesting Project!
...router? Who needs a router when you have a flat blade screwdriver and a hammer?  
Ask me how I know.  
Then ask me on what guitar I used them...jeese...was that ever expensive to have repaired!!!  
6/3/2003 6:23 PM

I swear by the "swimming pool" rout/ wood pickguard combo.  
I also swear by used guitars.  
But don't do this to a collectable strat.  
Try to find a good used strat body and used neck  
Bought an Alder body in 1986 for 20 bucks. used it to practice using a router on. Ended up with what we now call a "swimming pool" rout. At the time, I though I probably messed up the guitar and put it on a shelf and it sat there for years until I wanted to try out my oil finishing skills on it. It had been covered with grey primer all that time, and I sanded it off, and found a very nice looking Alder wood. Searched for a used neck. Found one at the first music store I stopped at. A jap fender neck with tuners for 80 bucks. Perfect fit with the body. Made an Oak pickguard. The semi-hollow body sound inspired some cool songs I came up with. I will do the same to any future strats I build from parts I get a good deal on. I paid 4 times more for the new strat I had bought years before building this one and it doesn't sound as good.  
The 20 dollar body had a pretty big chip on the side, near the output jack. The chipped off peice had been glued back on though and no one notices it unless I point it out and they look real close. It doesn't affect the sound. I'm saying this in case you ever come across a strat body with a big chip on it. It's no big deal.  
Play a guitar you don't have to be afraid to beat up a little.  
I have a feeling the next used strat neck I buy will have a floyd-rose routed nut and that's fine. I can't wait to fix it so you can hardly tell Floyd had ever been there.  
Damn, I wrote too much.  
Bye for now.

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