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Re: 24 3/4"

5/30/2003 9:10 PM
Mark Hammer
Re: 24 3/4"
It was well-received in this month's Guitar Player, but then what isn't?
5/30/2003 9:39 PM
Dave James

...ooooooooooo - sarcasm!  
I love it!!!  
5/31/2003 7:08 AM
"It was well-received in this month's Guitar Player, but then what isn't?"
...that's where the 25.5" figure came from. It felt like 24.75". I suppose I'll have to start carrying a tape measure with me everywhere... At least you're assured that it's one or the other :D
6/2/2003 7:31 PM
John Fisher
An interesting Project!
I was just reading in one of my books how John Mooney would hollow out his strat under the pick guard and use a pick guard made of mahogony to get a more woody sound in his strat. He also made his own bridges out of ebony and bone to take it a step further. I thought that was interesting. Hmm! Another project comming up? It would be very easy to get a inexpensive strat to try this. Something that doesn't have a plywood or press wood body of coarse. I was even thinking how you could even make a pick gaurd out of rose wood which would be cool and maybe screw it down to the body a little better then normal to seal it better after the body is hollowed out. This all would take a lot of experimentation of coarse but I think the results would be interesting .  
John Fisher
6/2/2003 11:43 PM
Dave James

Hi John!  
You crack me up - but knowing your method for removing a polyurathane finish explains a lot!!!  
I wonder how much of an affect your idea of "hollowing" a Strat body and then attaching a wood pick guard would make. I might be a little concerned about removing so much structural wood from around the neck area.  
Anyway, if you do this, let me know?  
6/3/2003 2:59 AM
John Fisher

I theorize that it is not so important to remove wood around the neck as the main bulk of the wood removal would be closer to the middle of the guitar leaving the neck area strong. After thinking about this idea even more, I was wondering how a pickgaurd made out of maple would sound? Probably better then rose wood in my opinion. Or maybe even a spruce pickgaurd? That would be interesting. The interesting thing would be so see how removing wood from diffrerent areas would sound. You may even consider romoving the wood in channels like they do in some LP's so that the chamber won't be just one big open space making it somewhat acoustic but it won't feedback too easy.  
Just thoughts!  
John Fisher
6/3/2003 6:27 AM

I had a buddy who had a late 50's strat that had an oversized pickguard(hugged the upper curves too) and was completely chambered out under the guard. Stock strat pickups. That guitar was one of the best sounding guitars I have ever heard,, every note seemed a little more 3d than a similiar stock strat and it was very light to boot. Too bad it was so ugly:(  

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