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Fender "Strato-Sonic"

5/21/2003 12:00 AM
Dave James
Fender "Strato-Sonic"
Hi All,  
Just curious - has anyone heard, played or bought one of the new Fender "Strato-Sonic" guitars?  
Chambered mahagony Strat body w/P90 equivalents - the idea sounds interesting. Musician's Friend has them for $999.  
My tax return money is burning a hole in my pocket...  
5/22/2003 4:58 PM
Re: Fender "Strato-Sonic"
I didn't have time to plug it in, but I played one at Guitar Trader( I liked the feel of the neck and fretboard. I think it's a 24 3/4" scale.
5/23/2003 4:06 PM
Dave James

...24 3/4", really? That would make it a bit easier to play.  
One of the nice things about that length is the reduced string tension...which can translate to using heavier gauge strings for a bit more "tone" without the wear & tear on the fingers.  
Thanks for the info,  
5/25/2003 7:18 PM
jaysg Re: 24 3/4"
strike that...25.5"
5/27/2003 4:10 PM
Dave James
Re: 24 3/4"
Thanks for the info.  
5/27/2003 5:53 PM

says 24 3/4 here:  
It was mentioned before how this was about the closest Fender to a Gibson SG with P-90's.  
for $999 I could find a nice used Gibson . . .  
5/30/2003 7:58 PM
Dave James

Hi Mike - long time...  
Well slap me! I didn't even think of checking out the Fender site.  
I know there's probably some good used Gibsons available, but I'm hooked on the Strat body style & feel. The reason this is so tempting is that it's a *complete* chambered guitar - meaning - not something I'd have to put together from parts. I did that a couple years back with components from Warmoth and it wound up to be an expensive experiment with the results being less than hoped/expected.  
This is the first Fender guitar that's peaked my interest in quite a while. Haven't decided if I just want a new toy or what.  
Thanks for the response,  

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