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Tele thinline scale length

5/8/2003 8:54 PM
Tele thinline scale length
Out of the blue I decided to measure the scale of my Ibanez Tele Thinline 74. It has the 3 barrel older type bridge. Decided to measure it up to see if each barrel was dead on for the intonation in measurement as they are by ear... truly an out of the blue thing lol  
So I notice that the scale on that guitar is a 24  
I was under the impression that it should have been a 25.5 'Fender' scale.  
Weird to me.
5/11/2003 2:54 PM
Chris ( CMW amps )

The originals from Fender do have a 25.5" scale . Maybe that thinline was build for very small japanese guys :) .  
5/12/2003 9:29 PM

Maybe that's it but damn that might explain why I've been reaching for that one ever since I got it... shorter scale and I didn't know it was, till recently!  
Just was curious if anyone knew of other similar tele with shorter scale.

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