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LP Jr Special Mod article

3/23/2003 3:22 AM
Steve A.
LP Jr Special Mod article
    I added push-pull tone pots to my new LP Jr Spec to add some oomph to the P-100 pickups:  
    The P-100's can be a bit thin but rewiring the neck pickup will enhance the bass response and rewiring the bridge pickup will cut the highs a bit.  
    With my Epi Paul Jr, just cutting the bottom coil worked well in producing a hot P-90 sound, but the results were way over the top on a properly calibrated set of P-100's (6.2k neck and 9.0k bridge). So rather than completely cutting out the bottom coil of each pickup I added a resistor between the p-p switch contacts (90k for the bridge, 78k for the neck) which allows some of the bottom coil to be mixed in with the so-called "split-coil" mode.  
Steve Ahola
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