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fender custoom vibrolux hiss...

3/2/2004 3:21 AM
fender custoom vibrolux hiss...
Has anyone had to repair the hiss on a fender custom vibrolux? It seems to be a problem with every single one; what is wrong with this circuit? It sounds pretty good but this hiss is a drag.
3/2/2004 6:02 PM
Rick Erickson

One of those came in my shop a while back. The customer wanted it converted to original bf Vibrolux Reverb specs.. The noise went away when the conversion was done. Seemed to be something about the way they combined the channels. I remember thinking there might have been an easier cure but didn't have a chance to try it since I wasn't doing the work on this one. The only drawback to the conversion is you get reverb in one channel only and the two channels will be out of phase with each other, just like any other bf Fender.  

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