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Vox AC30/6TB Normal channel power loss

1/5/2004 7:08 AM
Mark Valentine
Vox AC30/6TB Normal channel power loss
I just recieved my brand new AC-30/6TB. The sound is everything i hoped for, however yesterday my normal channel which is my preference suddenly started getting lower and scratchy i was freaking! I checked all cords and effects but it led back to the amp. the other channels seem unaffected I turned the amp off then restarted it and it was ok for a while then it happend again. If anyone has any insight about this  
: i would appreciate hearing about it before i send it back. I would also any help with the problems associated with the Vox Cambridge 30 reverb twin as I have one of these also. Regards Mark Valentine_
1/5/2004 8:28 PM
check the tubes to see if they are in place securely. while it is running see if the output tubes are turning red. otherwise call the company
1/7/2004 11:47 AM
phil the PhAtt man

Hi mate check valve sockets if you can access them. gentlty reinsert if possible does sound like dud valve or cold joint.
1/9/2004 5:12 PM
Kevin White

Mine did the same thing after a few months, and I traced it to a power tube coming loose. The tubes are held in by some flimsy wire retainers and mine had vibrated loose. It could be a loose preamp tube, too, that only affects that channel. It is a pain in the butt to get in there, though. You have to drop the chassis out. Good luck.

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