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Re: 1970 Ampeg SVT w/6146b's tech help.

1/26/2004 12:42 AM
Re: 1970 Ampeg SVT w/6146b's tech help.
The 6146 application I am most familiar with involves RF, but it is as a modulator. That is an audio amplifier to modulate the power amp for the RF. SO it was operating at audio freqs. I haven't seen but a couple 6146 SVTs.
2/2/2004 1:28 AM

Wasn't there a monster Traynor that used 6146's? Super Custom Special? Maybe some other "Frankensteinish" bottles.  
I hope Tim that posted the original question here tried another speaker cab.!
2/15/2004 2:49 AM
Psycho Bass Guy

The TraynorYBA-3A used a quartet of 6KG6's complete with top caps to get 250 watts. I played one ages ago, MUCH bassier than other Traynors.  
Psycho >^}
2/20/2004 4:45 PM
My problem ended up being one of my tubes. I can't figure out which one though but I won a lot of 6146b's off of ebay for about $5 a tube because they are missing the plastic keyway on the bottom of the tube. I need to get the old ones tested sometime to see which one is bad. Thanks for the input and I will be keeping this amp with the 6146's in it. I have plenty of replacements for a few retubes now so will be fine for a while. Does anyone have any input to the kevin o'connor mod of changing the 22 ohm screen resistors to 1k 5 watt ones?  
2/23/2004 8:42 PM
Greg Simon

Tim, I think with the diodes in there, those 22 ohm resistors are acting as fuses. Read the SVT thread in the general amps section of ampage and there is a discussion about the screens and O Connor's mods there.  

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