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Re: Can 6SL7 replace 6SC7?

6/17/2003 9:01 PM
Rick Erickson
Re: Can 6SL7 replace 6SC7?
"I've never seen a glass 6SC7 for sale, and very few metal ones."
6SC7GT's are or at least were available from Antique Electronic Supply. I have had much better success with the gt's than with the metal case tubes. My Gibson GA-20 uses 6SJ7's. The metal case versions of these tubes seem to work better that the 6SJ7GT's I've tried. Go figure..  
6/13/2003 6:02 PM
Wild Bill

Actually Bruce, I was probably confused with a 6N7!  
God I'm getting old thinking of a tube like that... :)  
Wild Bill
6/11/2003 5:02 AM

I have a copy of the Gibson Manual, and it truly is a Godsend. But it also points out the rather flexible use of model numbers at Gibson. Many amps changed circuits dramatically in mid run. Looking for a Gibson model I would find the schemo wrong, but an Epiphone model was dead on. Happens a lot.  
Hey, why not just get a 6SC7? They are not expensive, and why rewire the amp for a tube? One place to look is ANtique Electronic SUpply. Their catalog is full of great stuff anyway, you should get it. Find them at
6/14/2003 10:15 PM

The 6SL7 works great!! Instead of rewiring the amp socket for the new tube, I rigged an adaptor from a blank tube base and a socket. Now I can enjoy the tone of this great old amp while I wait for the 6SC7 to arrive from AES. (I also now know that there are no other serious defects) Thanks to all for the info and opinions!  
8/11/2003 8:35 PM

Well, I'm glad it worked out, but my own preference is to go with newer old-stock 6SC7 glass tubes.  
They are neither rare nor expensive.  
I was able to snag some NOS 6SC7GTYs for my ca. 1950 Fender "Pro-Amp" for $5 each, delivered. These are the last and most highly-refined in the 6SC7 family.  
The old metal ones from the '40s were often so microphonic, I could yell in the back of the amp and have my voice come out the speaker as from a bullhorn.
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