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Plate glow in deluxe reverbs 6V6s .

3/7/2003 12:54 PM
joe Plate glow in deluxe reverbs 6V6s .
The 6v6s don't seem to want to bias up.The red glow wants to stay anywhere I take it.What should I look for? Thanks joe.
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3/8/2003 7:11 AM
Don Symes

What is your bias voltage range without the 6V6s?  
What about with the tubes?  
I'm thinking either your PI->6V6 coupling caps are leaking or your bias supply is sick or dead.  
Check out the debug page at  
4/21/2003 5:32 PM
Disregarding any  
-real- problems,  
be aware that certain  
us-made 6v6s will normally  
show a [faint] vertical red stripe  
at opposing sides of the plate when  
all is well.....  

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