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"frying bacon" sound

2/28/2003 6:04 AM
David Axt
"frying bacon" sound
My Fender Bassman Ten makes this terrible "frying bacon" sound. I can play thorough the amp but it sounds like an AM radio in a lightning storm. Any ideas on what could be the problem?  
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2/28/2003 6:32 PM
R.G. Re: "frying bacon" sound
Lots of them. Most of them are written down in the Tube Amp Debugging page at GEO.  
Frying bacon noises are usually the result of intermittent current flow in the signal path where it should be smooth. If it's really bad, that indicates something like a bad solder joint or cracked resistor or cap or a lead to one of these.  
However, tubes and transistors sometimes do the same thing with problems internally.  
I don't know if the bassman ten is a tube or transistor rig. If tube, you first try swapping tubes along the lines suggested in the tube amp debugging page.  
If it's transistor, I would first visually inspect all the soldered connections; failing an obvious flaw, I would use a largish capcitor to shunt signal to ground at points in the signal path to locate which stage is contributing the noise, then work on that stage. These things are usually in the early stages, where even tiny noises are multiplied by all the following stages.  
You don't mention one of the key debugging items - does the noise go down as you turn the volume down? If yes, it's before the volume control in the circuit, if no, it's after.  
Debugging is a process where the first task is localization of the problem. After the gremlin is tracked down and cornered, then you can kill it.  

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