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Good post PI MV for PV C30?

11/26/2003 10:06 PM
Good post PI MV for PV C30?
Anyone have a link to a schematic for a post PI master that would work good with a classic 30? Gotta be post PI for reasons to long-winded to go into. But i need it for bedroom levels, and it would be good if it was a circuit i could easily switch out for live use. One that doesn't need a dual pot would be much preferred if possible.  
11/30/2003 6:21 AM
Bob G
Have you tried a volume box in the FX loop? I use one and the benefits are huge. It's simply a 1Meg pot (audio taper) in series with the FX send and return. It will allow significant drive of the preamp while being able to control the output to any suitable level (bedroom or babies room). Also, it is easily removable without any internal mods required. Lastly, the series resistance in the pot creates a low pass filter that reduces hum and noise to zero (at least in my amp which has quite a bit of both when not using the box).  
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