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2/25/2003 10:44 AM
from here
this pic come from here
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2/25/2003 3:24 PM

Great, thank you pef.
3/14/2003 12:40 AM
Jerry Pinnelli

Get yourself a Soldano SLO, Peavey 5150, and Mesa Dual Rectifier schematics and you'll see plenty of ways to mod a Marshall for more gain. I did my 2203 and one for a friend and they scream. I switched mine over to 6L6 tubes for better bottom end. Once you start looking you'll see a lot of similarities between them all.  
3/17/2003 6:33 AM

put the top hat emplexador in there. it sounds killer and uses the jcm800's # of gain stages. ive heard samples that rule!!  
4/18/2003 12:26 PM
Re: JCM800 added gain stage
IMHO it will sound way much more "trebly" with lots of gain than the normal 2203/04 circuit.  
I have modded some 2203/04s to real high gain amps without adding an additional gain stage, but you can do that, if you like "killer" distortion.  
Easiest way to add an additional stage:  
Place a single triode in front of V1a and start playing with grid stopper values. Normally you can add another gain control (pot) and I would recommend 100k as anode resistor and 4k7 as cathode resistor.  
This has often been done in a very similiar way by Laneys GHL models.  
The mentioned schem "wastes" a triode, because you can rewire the tone stack triode to an additional gain stage very easily (you have to change tone stack caps for higher voltages).  

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