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Re: Hum in Silvertone 1482

1/14/2004 8:32 PM
Ben N
Re: Hum in Silvertone 1482
Hmmm, a lot of good stuff to chew on there. I didn't get all of it until I checked the 1472 schematic at Schematic Heaven, which has all the components numbered, unlike the 1482!  
BTW, I haven't looked inside yet, but the 1482 schemo does not show the grid stoppers on the 6V6s at all!  
Any suggestions for filter cap values if I put them in the chassis?  
1/8/2004 7:48 PM
Ben N

Another thought/Q:  
Would lowering any of the dropping resistors to give more headroom, e.g. to the phase splitter, sort of a la this mod ( be beneficial, or would it stress the power supply?
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