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STF Champ head kit...

6/21/2003 10:45 PM
Julien aka jbow STF Champ head kit...
I built this kit and it has been working perfect until yesterday. I added the tone control to the amp.  
The problem is that if I max the volume and the tone control the amp drops volume and starts to distort, and it ain't musical distortion. If I drop either the volume or the tone control back to around 8 it goes back to normal operation. It is a sudden drop and fix when I roll back.  
Any ideas of what it might be?  
Thanks, Julien
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6/22/2003 9:26 PM
Julien found the problem...
I found the problem. There is a wire that runs from a 0.0047 cap to the tone control. I missed clipping the excess wire after the install and it was almost touching the chassis, close enough to start shorting at high volume but far enough away to play nice at anything lower than max.  

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