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Re: Lightning clipping early !!!

3/10/2003 8:51 AM
Re: Lightning clipping early !!!
for the record, i just built a spitfire and did the same 'is this normal' thing. i played with the first stage's plate load and settled on 82k instead of the 220k stock, widened up the sweet spot on the volume knob nicely. starts to break up at 3 and is into high-gain territory by 7 instead of 1-3.  
:) hth someone
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3/12/2003 6:34 AM

Take out the cathode bypasscapacitors on V1 and V2.  
Or put a switch at the ground point for those.  
This mod realy makes the amp sing!  
About twice the headroom, tight and dynamic bass all the way up on the volumecontrol.  
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