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spring reverb feedback

3/8/2003 10:32 PM
spring reverb feedback
I have a VOX AC15 amp, and sometimes I get a feedback loop that is somehow connected to the built in spring tank. When I turn the reverb knob to the 'off' position the feedback disappears, and the feedback gets louder the higher my reverb dial is turned.  
What is the cause of this problem and how do it fix it?  
3/9/2003 2:01 AM
John Culp

Try covering the tank with a piece of carpet. Make sure the rubber feet it sits on haven't hardened or broken out.
4/5/2003 1:29 AM
I had this problem in a SFVR. It turned out to be a microphonic tank. The 'verb was also way strong. A new tank cleared up the feedback and tamed the overbearing reverb.

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