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Re: Sorry, Distortion in 6G3 deluxe clone

2/6/2003 5:38 PM
Matthew Springer
Re: Sorry, Distortion in 6G3 deluxe clone
You may also wish to try reducing the 150k first stage input gain resistor to 100k. Also be sure and double check the bias resistor (1.5k) and cap of the first stage.  
One possibility is that this resistor is shorted and you're getting "Mu-stage" distortion where the cathode is basically sitting at ground (i.e. biased way to hot).  
Also, if you only used one channel of the preamp you'll need to drop the input grid resistor from 68k to roughly half this since the input grid resistor arrangement on a two channel Fender actually cuts the signal by %50. Try strapping a 1M to ground on the grid side of the input cap.  
Come back and post your results if you can, I'd be real interested to figure out the problem with you since I plan on building lots more 6G6 clones besides the one I've already got.  

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