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Re: "aged" solder joints???

4/2/2004 6:30 PM
Bob S II
Re: "aged" solder joints???
"When I said that the joints looked dull(from age, like all the others) and still had dust on them, he said there are all kinds of tricks to make them look that way"
Unlikely as I may think it is, dulling the new solder joints isn't entirely infeasible. However....dust? No way. My money's on him not doing the job at all.  
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4/2/2004 4:31 AM

its BS. we always return parts. shows we did something. besides. i want my solder joints to look new. lets em know i did something.  
4/2/2004 1:19 PM
Wild Bill

I agree...BS!  
After a few months a touched-up solder joint will look the same as the others. The dull colour is due to a thin film of lead oxide forming on the surface of the solder. Unlike iron rusting the film protects the solder underneath and the process stops, like an old copper pipe. So why would anyone put the effort in when a few months of time would do the job by itself?  
Has anyone ever opened up a 30 year old amp and after looking at the connections commented "This connection is original but that one looks about 15 years old and those others only about 5..."  
This guy sounds like someone I voted for! :(  
"The things you see when you haven't got a gun!"  
---Wild Bill
4/2/2004 4:53 PM
Slightly off topic, but regarding demanding yur old parts...  
About 14 years ago I used to work at a car dealership (parts dept), the mechanics used to put the old parts into a scrap bin in the back of the shop.  
When a customer asked for their old parts, the service guy would go back and grab them out of the bin.  
Thing is, they didn't know (or care) if they grabbed your old parts, as long as they gave you some old parts of the same type.  
My point is, if this guy that worked on your amp is a scheister, he will quite likely give you your old parts back if you ask ...they just may not actually be your old parts.  
IMHO, now this guy may be a 100% good guy ...but I got an 'ol red-flag gut feeling when I read your post, no one puts dust on a solder joint to make it look old, it sounds to me like the guy was a lazy scheister and didn't even bother wiping the solder joint(s) tha he/she didn't service.
4/2/2004 5:59 PM
Chris ( CMW amps )
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4/2/2004 8:10 PM
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4/2/2004 8:21 PM
Chris ( CMW amps )

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