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Re: but take it FWIW...

4/2/2004 3:32 AM
Re: but take it FWIW...
none taken....just glad to share a finding i thought might be of interest to inquiring minds...of course i'm blown away by the change at this point...but your note of weighted skepticism is well taken...after the last 2 nights playing,these caps just seem to get better and i ordered a grab bag more..i'm getting to the point where i'm going to try my own build one of these days  
4/1/2004 6:03 PM
Steve B. Re: AMPAGE a mans tech forum unlike the plexi.....
"you could sell them a part for a thousand bucks if you could convince them it's some rare make of pot Marshall used in their plexis.  
(Of course that wouldn't be ethical)"  
LOL....Shea that was great.....  
I have to agree too after reading their posts.LOL...  
jrr said, and of course thats also probably an exaggeration for the sake of grandstanding...but then curtesy is not a strong point on ampage these days....  
Hey jrr, GET A LIFE, Shea was only kidding.....  
Besides, I would believe more here on ampage as being true and accurate over the Plexi Palace bbs threads. I'll even bet this whole thread was started by one of the newbie tech Plexi posters.  
Ampage is a REAL amp tech forum and NOT a newbie tech forum like the Plexi Palace bbs.  
4/2/2004 3:21 AM

i agree ampage is tops when it comes to technical i stated earlier,i wouldn't be inside a tube amp if it wasn't for what i've learned off of this board...the amazing stuff this forum wrings out in it's debates...which includes the many contributions from shea which i've also read over the years( at least as far back as the migration of andy ruhl and j.stokes et al from the VA board to the weber board,if memory serves correct...the "ballpeen hammer" years) all cool.  
3/31/2004 5:37 PM
7-.022's,2-.1's and 1-.68..SoZo's loaded, the verdict is
I love the sound of these caps in the preamp section of my vertical input(earlier circuit) MV.JCM2204!.I replaced 10 caps in all.I've put about 8 hours of playing time on these caps so far.The sozo site recommends 100 hours of breakin before they reach their full potential.I'm playing a Seth Lover loaded Les Paul thru a Marshall 1982 heavy duty Cab loaded with g1280 Celestion speakers.  
These caps obviate any need for preamp mods to tame a bright Marshall for me!The overall tone of the amp has been warmed up considerably.Darker sounding as well.  
The first thing i noticed is the amps bottom end growls nicely earthy/organic growl as opposed to the metallic growl before.The low end is bigger,and there are more lower mids.  
The next thing i noticed was a dramatic change in touch sensitivity,for the better!Before,with the block polyester caps in,picking dynamics were subdued.Everything was the same more or less distorted sound.Now when you pick lightly you get sweet clean or lightly distorted tones.Dynamics.When you dig in it bites!.More tone.Very much like a non-master volume amp.  
The cutting treble is tamed.The high end is sweeter than before.The preamp distortion of the amp is smoother.  
The only critisism i can find is when i lean in hard,the distortion is a little hard sounding.See what happens when the caps are fully broken in.Maybe its just the overdrive quality of the Marshall preamp scheme.Maybe its my ears.Maybe the RFT's i'm using in V1 and V2.When i punch in with an overdrive pedal set for clean boost,however,that effect goes away.Chording is chunky and vintage sounding.Leads are sweet and have that singing quality.  
The only other things i've done to this amp is put in a couple of Xicon Silver micas.100pf on the preamp for more useable preamp control,470pf at the V2A grid.I'll probably dump the only 2 remaining 470pf discs for silver micas as soon as i get delivery.  
Summary:i would NEVER go back to the block caps.The soZo mustard clones sound better in this amp in every way to my ears.  
I've been reading ampage for a couple of years so now is a good time to say thanks to all ampagers for sharing the skills that enabled me to learn and do this myself.
3/31/2004 10:47 PM

I replace the Mallory 150's in a JTM45 clone and the amp sounds livelier, sweeter highs and better definition. The 150's were dark sounding by comparison.  
I tried a bunch of caps, Mallory, Sprague, Angela Tins, CDE and some Russian oils which I like in a Champ clone but the Sozo sound good in Marshall circuit and the price ain't bad.  
4/1/2004 7:16 PM
Dave B
Sozo caps 400V rating a problem for some amps?
I've got an amp (solid-state rectfier) that comes up to voltage pretty fast before the tubes begin conducting current. So the caps are seeing around 480V for about 20 seconds or so before settling into their "operating voltage" of 180 to 350 volts.  
Does the 400V rating of a cap mean operating voltage taking into account voltage surges at turn on and when the amp is powered up without tubes etc.?  
Are coupling caps pretty much "floating" above ground due the the high impedances surrounding them and so overvoltages (measured to ground) are not really a concern?  
Could the 400v rated Sozo caps be used in an amp as the above mentioned as long as the operating voltage is below 400V?  
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