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Re: Where to get sozo caps?

3/25/2004 1:48 AM
John Kelley Brown
Re: Where to get sozo caps?
Is this a new take on a Jimmy Page thing? You know, Page has Zoso, is this the dislexic take on it?  
3/25/2004 3:56 AM
Dai Hirokawa

lol, I don't know, but you could try asking him. He seems like a nice guy.
3/25/2004 4:09 AM
John Kelley Brown
I just went to the site, it is a Page thing as their logo looks stylized the same. These caps have gotta sound great if he's a Jimmy Page fan.
3/25/2004 4:16 AM
John Kelley Brown
Oops, it turned out to mean something else. They look like decent caps though, but not in enough values for my amps.
3/26/2004 12:49 AM
Mitch Re: Has any one tried these and...
Well, I guess the question is......  
Has any one here tried these and do they REALLY sound like the good old mustard caps in Marshalls?  
3/26/2004 6:01 AM
Kevin B
The guys over at seem to dig them....  
3/31/2004 6:52 PM
Steve B. Re: Plexie Palace doesn't use these Sozos
Sorry Kevin,  
Your wrong, I spoke to one of the techs at plexie Palace and they use Rel caps for there rebuilds and when prototyping they use plain on Xicon from New Sensor.  
Steve B.
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