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sozo caps....mustard clones?

3/24/2004 12:57 AM
sozo caps....mustard clones?
there's no indication which way they should be installed...maybe it doesn't matter...i asked this question with silver micas and the the response it seems depends...  
i'm going to install these in the preamp section of my jcm2203 and 2204(pcb)to see how they sound...they're tubular,yellow and reportedly mustard cap .0022's,.022's,.1's,.68's,.047',any tips on proper installation anyone?..orientation,lead lengths...etc...thx in advance
3/24/2004 4:17 AM
Buckaroo Banzai

If you're really concerned, ask John (he makes them!) He's hardcore about his tone! Had him out to the ranch once and we BS'd about tubes, trannies and amps for hours. Nice guy, also dead serious about tone and knows a thing or two about a thing or two. Me, I would just pop them in. They'll sound great. Do you think the folks on the line back in '68 oriented the caps? Some kinda primitive Feng Shui for amps?  
Doubt it.  
relax. solder. crank up. have fun.  
3/24/2004 6:30 PM
Re: no orientation necessary...
because there's no outside foil...very quick response from sozo...thx
3/24/2004 6:54 AM
Rick Erickson
Re: sozo caps....mustard clones?
To determine the outside foil lead of a capacitor:  
(You need an oscilloscope for this procedure)  
Hold the cap in your hand between thumb and index finger, Set the scope vertical sensitivity up to near max, (around 2-10mV/div) using a x1 probe connect to the cap, ground lead to one side and hot to the other, and read the amount of hum (50 or 60Hz) that the cap injects to the scope screen. Now reverse the leads and observe whether the signal gets stronger or weaker. When you find the orientation of the leads that produces the least amount of hum on the scope the ground lead will be connected to the outside foil. Mark that end with a sharpie and move on to the next cap..  
3/24/2004 1:42 PM
Re: since i don't have an o-scope...
its next on my list of purchases,if i can find one i can afford,i'll file this tho,thx rick....  
...BB:i will contact john and ask him,,,great story!
3/24/2004 10:01 PM
Rick Erickson

I suppose you could use a shielded cable with alligator clips on one end and a 1/4" connector on the other. You could attach the cap across the clips, plug it into a guitar amp input and listen for the direction with less hum. You might even be able to read it on a DVM set to AC volts. I've just always used the scope.  
3/24/2004 10:28 PM
Russell Hammond Re: Where to get sozo caps?
Hey all,  
Where ae you guys getting these sozo caps from?  
I sure wouldn't mind trying some if they are like the real deal old mustard caps.  
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