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Re: Opinions...WIMA's vs. Sprague PS vs. Mallory 150's...?

4/4/2004 5:59 AM
AngelBoy Re: Opinions...WIMA's vs. Sprague PS vs. Mallory 150's...?
I definitely like the 716Ps. A bit bright but still a very pleasing cap.  
Mal 150's sound sterile to my ears. Other people rave about them.  
Polyester caps tend to sound a bit more buzzy than 716Ps in my opinion.
4/4/2004 6:19 AM
No sarcasm intended, but have you lost some ranges in your hearing? That is the only thing I can think of that would account for your statements concerning the 150's and 716's. The 150's are NOT sterile...the 716's on the other hand are. I find it puzzling that anyone would make the statement that 150's are sterile, as they are the furthest thing from it that I've found. :/  
4/5/2004 11:47 PM
David, to me it is just as puzzling that some people find 716Ps sterile and 150s the real thing. Maybe it's just a matter of taste. I like the 716Ps and have used them to replace 150s that came as original equipment in a well known botique amp I purchased. To me 150s don't sound bad -- rather they just sound ordinary which is not really all that bad when you think of it.  
Regarding my hearing, errrr, well, I used to play standing 5 feet in front of my speaker with my Marshall dimed. I don't do this anymore because my ears have become real sensitive to loud noises. I have to admit that I have problems with tinitus as well. You think this has anything to do with me not liking 150s?  
One of these days I'm going to try Jensen caps because they are supposed to be the best according to some opinionated sources. Maybe they will become my favorite as well.  
4/6/2004 7:06 AM
zeppenwolf Re: Opinions...WIMA's vs. Sprague PS vs. Mallory 150's..
First, I'd like to agree with the other fellow that this was a most excellent post. I've been struggling for awhile now, trying to get a grip on all these different caps, so it's help sorely needed.  
: Polypropylene are the type I prefer (it's an opinion thing) to me they are more "tonally pleasing" but then it's because I prefer sonic clairity and accuracy.  
Also lucky for me, I think we have similar taste, so perhaps I can ask you what I think is a very simple question about these various caps: I have a PCB based amp, a Fender Blues DeVille, which I like for it's clean sound. I need radial, and the lead spacing must be at least somewhat equal-ish. The caps I want to replace are disc, monos, and mainly the workhorse blocking caps that I believe are mylar. I've seen discussions of "baby poop" mylar; I'd say "dark chocolate", but I think they're mylar. :)  
Which of the polyprop's and 'esters remain suitable once I rule out the kind which are just too physically big? (All the "orange drops" I've ever seen, though I don't know a 715 from a 716 or what have you, they have all been truly enourmous, and clearly it would be ludicrous to try and stuff those in). Thanks a million,  
4/7/2004 4:42 PM
zeppenwolf, (and I do like that alias!)  
When you're under size constraints as you say and looking at replacing the coupling (blocking) caps, look into 400v caps as they are a bit less "fat" than the 600v caps. (but lead spacing may be the same)  
Many prefer 600v cap's as a defacto-standard for signal coupling caps, but in 12AX7 based guitar preamp section you're never (ok, extremely rare) near 400v, for instance Marshall has been shipping amps for 30 years with 400v coupling caps in a <250v preamp section no problem.  
It's the construction type that makes for the bigger size unfortunately. Those small "box" type caps that come on most PCB's are usually "metalized Film" and not the Film/Foil types we normally associate with better sound, this accounts for their small size but it's the Film/Foil design we want for best sound ...but unfortunately it makes the caps physically bigger than metalized film types.  
(metalized foil cap's tend to sound better in low voltage cicuitry, under 50v, like effects boxes etc than high voltage circuits like guitar amps)  
It's just another matter of opinion, but as you mentioned replacing Ceramics, I tend toward the Silver-Mica type in those places.  
PS: a 12AX7 has a 300v max rating so unless you're running your preamp tubes at 400v these cap's should be just fine in Preamp and PI sections.
4/7/2004 6:08 PM
: zeppenwolf, (and I do like that alias!)  
Thanks. Been using it since the internet was just a little tyke... Never been told "that user name is already taken, please choose another". :)  
: "metalized Film" and not the Film/Foil types we normally associate with better sound  
(Pooh) Oh, BOTHER!! (/Pooh)  
Well, I've been around the film-cap section of the Mouser catalog enough that I've got it just about memorized now... I can obtain equal LS's in equal sized/rated "metallized polyprop/esters", but that's about the best I can do. All Xicon.  
With the understanding that these metallized films are not as hip as the film/foil types, still, will there be any sonic benefit to these over the *chocolate mylars*?  
pF range, silver mica: Yup, already instituted those swaps; got a huge bag of sm's from a longtime hobby of stripping roadside electronic junk...  
3/23/2004 1:44 AM
Re: Opinions...WIMA's vs. Sprague PS vs. Mallory 150's...?
mouser now carries WIMA caps. not sure of voltages, though. the current WIMA are very sterile, to my ears, versus an orange drop. work great for PI work. also, if you can find em, ASC makes some good caps, as does southern electronics. good luck!!  
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