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Re: Wow!I'm excited as for the first date!

3/21/2004 11:28 AM
Alf Re: Wow!I'm excited as for the first date!
Hi Basseur,  
So you are indeed a bass player as the name suggests ? You're in Europe aren't you , what country ?  
These vactrols are a unit which comprise an LDR and a light (led ?)but they come on too slowly so there's a slight delay when you switch on the distortion channel.  
Have a look at this link:  
for more info.  
I'll send some pictures of my amp to the site so I hope they get used . I do have a good schem of my amp if you need it just let me know !  
I understand why Tim rejected the job on one they have a doublesided pcb , a real bugger !  
Regards Alf
3/21/2004 11:32 AM
bob p
Hey Alf! Thanks for posting that tech reference. I've always wanted to find something like that!
3/21/2004 1:41 PM
Le Basseur

Hi Alf,  
Yes,my nickname is suggestive enough about what instrument(s) I play;),though because of the "frenchy" touch most people are a little confused.:)  
I actually live in Croatia (one of the ex-Yugoslavian independent countries).  
Thank you for the "vactrol" thing and also for the link!  
Also,I'd be greatful if you could send me a scan of the schematic you mentioned.It's always welcome for study and learning,even if I don't have your model.  
About Tim's rejection,I agree entirely.I remember as yesterday when the first Mesa came on my shelf some time ago...for about ten minutes I cursed like a stabbed Gipsy!:D  
3/21/2004 4:10 PM
You've got mail, I hope I didn't clog your mailbox !  
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