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george lynch & yngwie malmsteen show

3/8/2004 9:06 PM
george lynch & yngwie malmsteen show
saw george lynch & yngwie malmsteen at trees in dallas last night. yngwie's the man!!!! ive always loved lynch but his band seemed very unrehearsed. george seems like a very modest man on stage but loves his solo time. why is this in an amp forum? ...a little thing called a 1959 marshall. lynch plated through one and malmsteen through 10! WOOOOOOOO!!! mr scary won the tone war, though. his tone is always the best!!! i was right in front of his amp so i could get the full effect. his one '59 blew yngwies 10 away!!! go see the show and then go practice!!!!  
3/8/2004 11:30 PM
Le Basseur
"lynch plated through one and malmsteen through 10"
Through 10 what?  
"go see the show and then go practice!!!!"
These might be as well the words Malmsteen told himself one sad morning when looking in the mirror,knowing that the next evening Steve Vai comes to town!:D
3/9/2004 1:11 PM

Speaking of Steve Vai, I saw G3 a few months ago - Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Yngwie Malmsteen.  
Not trying to knock Malmsteen, but in comparison he looked pretty 80's, pretty old, and his playing seemed pretty uninspired next to Vai. Seemed like a lot of directionless linear playing to me.  
I have now seen Vai with G3, with Eric Johnson and with John Petrucci of Dream Theater.  
I have also had the fortune to see some of the greatest guitar players in the last 30 years (EVH, SRV, Jeff Beck, Nuno Bettencourt, etc.)  
Though I would give anything to be able to see SRV one more time, of all the players I have seen in my life, Vai (and for different reasons, maybe Beck) stands out as the most creative, technically skilled by a mile. Always inspires me and makes me proud to play the instrument.  
Sorry for stomping on your thread, but there is my $.02.  
3/9/2004 9:52 PM

"Not trying to knock Malmsteen, but in comparison he looked pretty 80's, pretty old, and his playing seemed pretty uninspired next to Vai. Seemed like a lot of directionless linear playing to me."  
hmmmmm,i disagree totally--yngwie plays with a ton of feel--and can really jam on blues stuff when he wants.Steve vai has very little feel and emotion in his style -its all whammy bar and WAY WAY too many effects.Boring.
3/10/2004 1:26 PM
Le Basseur
Sorry km,  
I don't intend to open a debate about this,but I have to disagree with your statement/comparison.  
IMO,Malmsteen's music was already "dead" from his third album.I used to watch closely and with unmasked professional interest the parallel evolutions of guitarists from the "high-speed" category,such as Vai,Malmsteen,Satriani,Gambale,Becker,etc.etc,both from a purely instrumentally-technical point of view as from a musical one.The fact that Vai went more sophisticated and "whammy bar",as you say,is rather a suite of tech necessities coping with his evolution,not a "latest gimmick to hide behind".  
Just remember Vai's environment and his mentor (Zappa),and you'll see there's no comparison between him and any other contemporary "speeders".  
And don't get me wrong,I don't belong to any of the "blind admirer" grupations.  
"Steve vai has very little feel and emotion in his style"
I have only two comments on that:first,try to imagine yourself having at least A HALF of the Vai's control and technique and maybe you'll understand what hyper-self-control means on the stage...and second,please give a listen to the first Vai's recordings (especially "Flexable" and "Flexable leftovers") where he used a more-than-minimal chain of effects and recording techniques,and then judge by yourself if the guy really hides behind a ton of effects or it's a real musician.
3/10/2004 11:46 PM
I suggest you watch the jam section of the new G3 dvd. He makes Satch and Vai look like cheap LI high school prom night players. You must be kidding. Vai can't even jam. If it's not a prearranged worked out solo, he's mediocre at best.  
Yngwie overwhelmed both those guys and had a good time doing it.  
Watch as Satch scrapes hits strings, copping out, as Vai bangs his loose whammy bar against his strings....then look over at Malmsteen blowing them both new assholes.
3/9/2004 5:26 PM

10 1959 model marshalls.
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