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3/7/2004 3:36 AM
Danny Michel
I've ordered some parts from Ampwares, and an e-mail was sent instantly, thanking me for my order. This was 8 days ago, my card still hasn't been charged, no other e-mails to suggest the order has been shipped or anything... everyone else had good experiences w/ Ampwares? they seem to have a good rep.
3/7/2004 6:05 AM

Try going to the Fender Forum ( and doing a search on "ampware"...
3/7/2004 9:24 AM

Im a dissatisfied customer  
same porb as you; when finally rec'd my order 6weeks after i placed it, I got the wrong stuff. I reprinted my order as proof then faxed, emailed and called them several times over a matter of weeks before i gave up.  
excessive delivery time  
inability to proccess an order correctly  
ZERO customer service  
i do take some condolence in that i've gotten alot of use out of their fenderiffic archive.  
hope your situation turns out better than mine did.  
3/7/2004 5:18 PM

not to mention, they charge way to much for a 1 watt carbon comp. last time i looked i think it was 5 bucks? bummer about the order, though.  
3/7/2004 5:58 PM
ted m
just curious, i'm sure ampwares has a lot of stuff, but couldn't you also source most anything they have at hoffmanamps, vibroworld, misison amps, webervst, mojo, angela, etc.? does ampwares have the best pricing lately?
3/7/2004 6:34 PM

finding the right tolex and grill cloth was tuff and for the price i thought ampwares was the best place, unfortunatley i was wrong. angela has awsome prices, hoffman is the fastest turnaround and while slow weber does awesome custom stuff, all reliable w/good C/S. too bad none of these guys offer tolex/cloth.  
3/7/2004 8:56 PM
Le Basseur
Antique Electronic Supply at:  
is my fave!:D  
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