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London Power pre/power amp

1/31/2004 7:50 PM
London Power pre/power amp
Anyone build these? I just got the Tonnes of Tunes and im itching to do the true PTP/minimilist approach, only thing is i have no idea of how they sound, any ideas?  
also for those that have done these circuits did you devide the circiuts or put them together in 1 chassis?  
2/1/2004 1:39 AM
Mark Lavelle

I did mine (the "Tonerator I") with PTP in the power amp (pretty close to Kevin's layout) and a circuit card in a seperate chassis for the preamp. My preamp layout squeals if the gain channel is too high, but I never play with that much gain, anyway...  
More info (including a tune recorded with the Tonerator) on my site:
2/1/2004 5:24 AM
Thanks Mark  
Im finishing a bassman right now, my 9th board type circuit. I cant help but think they'd be a little quieter ptp w/o all the excessice wire/turret material, ill probably do the london amp after. ps I like your clip, nice playing.  
2/2/2004 1:19 AM
Mark Lavelle
IME & IMHO, PTP has just as much potential for noise...
2/2/2004 2:33 PM
Wild Bill

"Potential for noise..." quite true, but at least with PTP it's a lot less PITA to do something about it! :)  
---Wild Bill
2/3/2004 2:23 AM
Pat F
I built the pre-amp as in his book, added a Fender style reverb (with a 6AQ5 driver), a relay DPDT for remote channel switching, and packed it in a double spaced spaced (3.5") rackmount unit. It sounds pretty good, no noise or squealing. Similar to a Boogie Mark II with a surfin reverb. I was jamming with a guy a few years ago and he asked if he could buy it, but I wasn't selling. It took a little creative engineer to fit it into the rack box and build it PTP, but I managed it. I can take some pics and send them it you'd like. Always meant to put them up on the homebrew link, but never got around to it.
2/3/2004 1:38 AM
Pat, please do post the pics, I'd really dig to see how you incorporated the reverb. I have a bunch of salvaged chassis's from old projects so i can bench it and then couple it w/the power and effect stage when i get it right.  
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