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Re: thanks to Dutch & Joe

2/12/2004 2:15 AM
Re: thanks to Dutch & Joe
not that this is fender stuff..but the 18 watt marshall has the most picky trem i've ever seen,and i also found the Sovtek WA to work best for that spot..Also in this circut,the cathode resistor is 820ohm..Changing it to say..1k or 1.5k makes the intensity much stronger..but you have to make sure to use the 820,because it also ties to the 1k intensity pot..So what its doing is..adding 1k to the 820ohm.. but you might try this theory in the fender circut..see if it inhances the trem by changing the cathode value.  
Or measure the cathode resistor,and be sure it is what its supposed to be,along with the bypass cap.  
Maybe something to try,and see what a change in value might do. But you have to balance it dosen't have a hard time getting started..or treming.. I would also measure the values in the circut,to see if they are ok,and not drifted..  
and as was already posted,a good trem bug can make a world of difference.  

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