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stronger blackface tremolo

1/27/2004 10:13 AM
Chris ( CMW amps )
stronger blackface tremolo
Hi all  
Some time ago there were some threads on bf tremolo tweaks like altering the speed and strength .  
I was looking for the "strength-tweak" but i couldn't find it on my hd , Ampage and by using Google .....  
Anyone knows ? It was adding a resistor afaik ......  
tia !  
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1/27/2004 2:46 PM

Hi Chris,  
I don't remember what was being discussed, but I think if you put some resistance between the 50KRA pot and ground, that would increase the strength of the tremolo but then you would not be able to adjust the pot for zero ohms, so you would need to turn off the tremolo using the footswitch to silence it fully.  
1/27/2004 3:06 PM
Ray Ivers
AB ModPots
I found a place that maybe you know about - - that should be able to scare up a 100K RA or 200K RA AB ModPot (AB calls it a 'B' taper, available in conductive plastic or carbon track, pull or rotary switch available, etc.). I'm sure it won't be cheap, but it may be the ideal 'fix'. The modular pot concept is pretty cool.  
1/27/2004 3:06 PM
Re: stronger blackface tremolo
Hi Chris,  
I had a friends Super Reverb on the bench that suffered from weak Tremolo. After I insatlled a new Tremolo LDR the Tremolo was very deep again.  
I do not know if the Tremolo will get any deeper than the standard Fender Tremolo, given everything works right.  
You might need more voltage swing from the oscillator.  
Putting a resistor between the 50k Pot and ground did NOT help to get deeper Tremolo btw.  
Kind Regards,  
1/27/2004 8:57 PM
Chris ( CMW amps )
thanks Dominik , Mike & Ray
Woah , thanks for the fast & kind replies !  
Right now I'm working on a late 70s Fender BandmasterReverb , did try the tremolo before in depth blackfacing ( installing a choke , etc. ) .  
Altough it's less easy to blackface then early 70s Fenders the cool thing is the SuperReverb-size OT with 2 and 4 ohm taps . Removing the and some defarting-tweaks are cool with the stock UltraLineair configuration .  
Anyway : it's gonna be a 50 Watt DualShowmanReverb / Twinreverb style amp , the former owner did also give me a custom made blackface panel with all the late 70s holes ( mid on both channels and MasterVolume ) ..... the only blackface BMR with MV :D  
Gotto see how the trem. is working after rebuilding , also looking for that optocoupler ( where's that black thingie ? :) ) .  
Mike : please say hello to Carolyn and Scott , gotto contact them if I have some time , also say hello to Guy F. ! Hope you can come over in november , you're always welcome to stay over here .  
kindest regards from the Netherlands ,  
1/28/2004 3:33 AM
Re: 2c on trem mods
going deep - my 2c advice is to retrofit the bias mod trem circuit from the older amps. It fits on the existing eyelets. Ask Dutch if it works! ;)  
For my 2c, it is a better sounding circuit. I find the trem if BF amps varies a good bit depending on the condition (and tolerances?) of the roach. Some are just better than others for whatever reason. Bias-mod trem is more consistent, and 'fatter' to my ears.
1/28/2004 10:17 AM
Chris ( CMW amps )
ok , question for SpeedRacer
Hi Joe  
The bias-modulating tremolo does also sound more "natural" to my ears , I really like the VibroChamp ( bias-modulating the driver-tube ) and the Vibroverb ( bias-modulating the output-tubes ) . It does seem more "groovy" :) .  
I always do bias the output-tubes a bit colder in bias-modulating amps ( about 55 - 60 % , about 70% in "regular" amps ) . What's your opinion 'bout that ?  
tia !  

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