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Ampeg 810 Bass Guitar Cabinet wiring diagram

1/14/2004 10:06 PM
Jeff Brown
Ampeg 810 Bass Guitar Cabinet wiring diagram
I would like a wiring diagram for a 1995  
Ampeg 8-10" Bass guitar speaker  
This is a Pro series enclosure with one  
1/4" speaker input jack that is wired  
to 8-10" 150 watt celestion speakers.  
I am requesting the Factory wiring schemedic  
that was used by Ampeg in or around 1995.  
There are no speakon connections but yet due  
to 4 missing speakers I am un able to figure  
out the factory wiring that will allow the  
cabinet to end up being wired as a 4 ohm  
load enclousure, which would be a stock  
I Am not sure of the ohms per speaker, They are  
Either 8 or 16 ohms each.  
Please help.  
Thank you for your time.  
Jeff Brown.
1/15/2004 4:41 AM

There are eight 32 ohm drivers all wired in parallel for a 4 ohm total. I have one on my shelf across the room - the driver, not the cab. SLM part number is 86-032-01. That is the stock arrangement.
1/15/2004 5:12 AM
Greg Simon

Hey Enzo, are those Eminence made speakers?
1/16/2004 1:47 AM

DOn't know, box is sealed, maybe I will get a chance to tear into it later. But probably.
1/17/2004 11:27 PM
Greg Simon

Thanks Enzo.

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