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Re: Never mind, I'm an idiot

12/20/2003 11:34 PM
andy fuchs
Re: Never mind, I'm an idiot
I think the magnets in the low-Z pickups don't have to be as as strong as a regular hi-Z bucker might need to be. The string pull on the old Lo-Z Les Paul is barely even there. The whole idea is the signal is out of phase with itself, but the noise is in-phase with itself. When it's put into a balanced input stage you should have excellent (if not total) noise cancellation. I would think a single coil with a center tap is simpler and better than a dual coil humbucking pickup. It becomes actively made humbucking, instead of two windings with their capcitance, size, magnets etc. That's mechanically humbucking I guess you could say.  
Maybe I can get Seymour Duncan or DiMarzio to make me a Strat-type pickup tapped, so I could mess with it.
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12/22/2003 1:19 AM
Jon Fleig

As if reading this forum doesn't conjure up enough interesting amp projects to work on.... I've recently become addicted to lurking over in the pickup maker's forum, also hosted on firebottle.  
Not to discourage you from trying Duncan or DiMarzio, but several of the contributors seem to be custom winders who might be capable and interested in making you just what you want.  

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