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ultra linear

11/17/2003 6:35 PM
ultra linear
has anyone ever tried swapping the ultra-linear taps on the OT to opposite side tubes? just wondering about what effect it might have on tone and power output. if anyone is willing to try it, I'd be really interested in what the results are.
11/18/2003 12:18 PM
it results in positive feedback where there once was negative.  
you MAY get oscillations as a result.  
bottom line is a possible higher power output, since the screen voltages will work to draw the plate's lower in voltage. OTOH the screens also get beat up a LOT more, and any current they intercept is lost as power output.  
11/18/2003 3:04 PM

to extend tube life, you could use bigger screen resistors, couldn't you? limit the current the screens can take. also, what effect would such a setup have on the linearity of the amplifier? my guess is that the THD would suffer a bit.

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