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Neon & LDR in Fender Tremoloes

10/20/2003 12:21 PM
Constantin Necrasov
Neon & LDR in Fender Tremoloes
What kind of LDR and what neon bulkb were used in old fenders? What would be a good contemporary substitution with the readily available parts?  
10/21/2003 1:49 AM
Constantin Necrasov

I ment the tremolo cirquit application.  
Anyone knows?
10/21/2003 6:35 AM

The bulb looks to me like a NE2, and I just fixed one last week with a photocell that went down to about 1K when brightly lit and up to over 1 meg in the dark.
10/21/2003 11:26 AM
Constantin Necrasov

Thank you Enzo. What about wattage? how many watts should the LDR be? 1/2 as all the other resistors in the cirquit?
10/22/2003 12:41 AM

In the Twin I just fixed, the tremolo photocell acts as a variable resistor across the signal path. SO there is no current at all, just a few volts of signal. I would get the most sturdy one I could just for physical reliability.

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